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ἀγαθά (agatha, 0018C)


[of] good things, good, good things, goods, with good things

Greek-English Concordance: 24 verses

  Greek (NLG) English (NLT)
Matt.12:34 34γεννήματα ἐχιδνῶν· πῶς δύνασθε ἀγαθὰ λαλεῖν πονηροὶ ὄντες; ἐκ γὰρ τοῦ περισσεύματος τῆς καρδίας τὸ στόμα λαλεῖ. 34 You brood of snakes ! How could evil men like you speak what is good and right ? For whatever is in your heart determines what you say .
Matt.12:35 35 ἀγαθὸς ἄνθρωπος ἐκ τοῦ ἀγαθοῦ θησαυροῦ ἐκβάλλει ἀγαθά, καὶ πονηρὸς ἄνθρωπος ἐκ τοῦ πονηροῦ θησαυροῦ ἐκβάλλει πονηρά. 35 A good person produces good things from {RPT} the treasury of a good heart , and an evil person produces evil things from {RPT} the treasury of an evil heart .
Luke.1:53 53πεινῶντας ἐνέπλησεν ἀγαθῶν καὶ πλουτοῦντας ἐξαπέστειλεν κενούς. 53 He has filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away with empty hands .
Luke.12:18 18καὶ εἶπεν, Τοῦτο ποιήσω· καθελῶ μου τὰς ἀποθήκας καὶ μείζονας οἰκοδομήσω. καὶ συνάξω ἐκεῖ πάντα τὸν σῖτον καὶ τὰ ἀγαθά μου. 18 Then he said , I know ! I’ll tear down my {NEQ} barns and build bigger ones . Then I’ll have room enough to store all my {NEQ} wheat and other goods .
Luke.12:19 19καὶ ἐρῶ τῇ ψυχῇ μου, Ψυχή, ἔχεις πολλὰ ἀγαθὰ κείμενα εἰς ἔτη πολλά. ἀναπαύου· φάγε, πίε, εὐφραίνου. 19 And I’ll sit back and say to {NEQ} myself , My friend , you have enough stored away for years to come . Now take it easy ! Eat , drink , and be merry !
Luke.16:25 25εἶπεν δὲ Ἀβραάμ, Τέκνον, μνήσθητι ὅτι ἀπέλαβες τὰ ἀγαθά σου ἐν τῇ ζωῇ σου, καὶ Λάζαρος ὁμοίως τὰ κακά· νῦν δὲ ὧδε παρακαλεῖται, σὺ δὲ ὀδυνᾶσαι. 25 But Abraham said to him , Son , remember that during your {NEQ} lifetime you had everything you wanted , and Lazarus {NEQ} had nothing . So now he is here being comforted , and you are in anguish .
John.5:29 29καὶ ἐκπορεύσονται οἱ τὰ ἀγαθὰ ποιήσαντες εἰς ἀνάστασιν ζωῆς, οἱ δὲ τὰ φαῦλα πράξαντες εἰς ἀνάστασιν κρίσεως. 29   and they will rise again . Those who have done good will rise to experience eternal life , and those who have continued in evil will rise to experience judgment .
Rom.3:8 8καὶ μὴ καθὼς βλασφημούμεθα καὶ καθώς φασίν τινες ἡμᾶς λέγειν ὅτι, Ποιήσωμεν τὰ κακά· ἵνα ἔλθῃ τὰ ἀγαθά. ὧν τὸ κρίμα ἔνδικόν ἐστιν. 8 {NEQ} {NEQ} And some people even slander us {RPT} by claiming that we say , The more we sin , the better it is ! Those who say such things deserve to be condemned .
Rom.10:15 15πῶς δὲ κηρύξωσιν ἐὰν μὴ ἀποσταλῶσιν; καθὼς γέγραπται, Ὡς ὡραῖοι οἱ πόδες τῶν εὐαγγελιζομένων τὰ ἀγαθά. 15 And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent ? That is why the Scriptures say , How beautiful are the feet {NEQ} of messengers who bring {NEQ} good news !  * 
Gal.6:6 6κοινωνείτω δὲ κατηχούμενος τὸν λόγον τῷ κατηχοῦντι, ἐν πᾶσιν ἀγαθοῖς. 6 {NEQ} Those who are taught the word of God should provide for their teachers , sharing {NEQ} all good things with them .
Heb.9:11 11Χριστὸς δὲ παραγενόμενος ἀρχιερεὺς τῶν γενομένων ἀγαθῶν· διὰ τῆς μείζονος, καὶ τελειοτέρας σκηνῆς, οὐ χειροποιήτου τοῦτ᾽ ἔστιν οὐ ταύτης τῆς κτίσεως· 11 So Christ has now become the High Priest over all the good things that have come .  *  He has entered that greater , {NEQ} more perfect Tabernacle in heaven , which was not made by human hands and is not part of this {NEQ} created world .
Heb.10:1 1σκιὰν γὰρ ἔχων νόμος, τῶν μελλόντων ἀγαθῶν, οὐκ αὐτὴν τὴν εἰκόνα τῶν πραγμάτων· κατ᾽ ἐνιαυτόν, ταῖς αὐταῖς θυσίαις ἃς προσφέρουσιν, εἰς τὸ διηνεκές, οὐδέποτε δύνανται τοὺς προσερχομένους τελειῶσαι· 10:1 {NEQ} The old system under the law of Moses was only a shadow , a dim preview of the good things to come , not the good things themselves . The sacrifices under that system {RPT} were repeated again and again , year after year , but they were never able to provide perfect cleansing for those who came to worship .