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λαγχάνω (lagchano, 2975)


having obtained, he received, he was chosen by lot, let us cast lots

Greek-English Concordance: 4 verses

  Greek (NLG) English (NLT)
Luke.1:9 9κατὰ τὸ ἔθος τῆς ἱερατείας, ἔλαχε τοῦ θυμιᾶσαι εἰσελθὼν εἰς τὸν ναὸν τοῦ κυρίου. 9 As was the custom of the priests , he was chosen by lot to enter {RPT} the sanctuary of the Lord and {NEQ} burn incense .
John.19:24 24εἶπαν οὖν πρὸς ἀλλήλους, Μὴ σχίσωμεν αὐτόν, ἀλλὰ λάχωμεν περὶ αὐτοῦ τίνος ἔσται· ἵνα γραφὴ πληρωθῇ λέγουσα, Διεμερίσαντο τὰ ἱμάτιά μου ἑαυτοῖς καὶ ἐπὶ τὸν ἱματισμόν μου ἔβαλον κλῆρον. οἱ μὲν οὖν στρατιῶται ταῦτα ἐποίησαν. 24 So they said , Rather than tearing it apart , {RPT} let’s throw dice  *  for it . {NEQ} This fulfilled the Scripture that says , They divided my {NEQ} garments among themselves and threw dice for my {NEQ} clothing .  *  So that is what they did .
Acts.1:17 17ὅτι κατηριθμημένος ἦν ἐν ἡμῖν καὶ ἔλαχεν τὸν κλῆρον τῆς διακονίας ταύτης. 17 {NEQ} Judas was one of us and shared in the ministry {RPT} with us .
2Pet.1:1 1Συμεὼν Πέτρος, δοῦλος καὶ ἀπόστολος Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ· τοῖς ἰσότιμον ἡμῖν λαχοῦσιν πίστιν· ἐν δικαιοσύνῃ τοῦ θεοῦ ἡμῶν καὶ σωτῆρος, Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ· 1:1 This letter is from Simon  *  Peter , a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ . I am writing to you who share the same precious faith we have . This faith was given to you because of the justice and fairness  *  of Jesus Christ , our {NEQ} God and Savior .