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ὁρίζω (o(rizo, 3724)


determined, having been appointed, having been designated, having been determined, having set, he appointed, he determines

Greek-English Concordance: 8 verses

  Greek (NLG) English (NLT)
Luke.22:22 22ὅτι υἱὸς μὲν τοῦ ἀνθρώπου κατὰ τὸ ὡρισμένον πορεύεται· πλὴν οὐαὶ τῷ ἀνθρώπῳ ἐκείνῳ δι᾽ οὗ παραδίδοται. 22 For it has been determined that the Son of {NEQ} Man  *  must die . But what sorrow awaits the one who betrays him .
Acts.2:23 23τοῦτον τῇ ὡρισμένῃ βουλῇ, καὶ προγνώσει τοῦ θεοῦ· ἔκδοτον διὰ χειρὸς ἀνόμων, προσπήξαντες ἀνείλατε· 23 But {NEQ} God knew what would happen , {NEQ} and his prearranged plan was carried out when Jesus was betrayed . With the help of lawless Gentiles , you nailed him to a cross and killed him .
Acts.10:42 42καὶ παρήγγειλεν ἡμῖν κηρύξαι τῷ λαῷ καὶ διαμαρτύρασθαι ὅτι οὗτός ἐστιν ὡρισμένος ὑπὸ τοῦ θεοῦ κριτής— ζώντων καὶ νεκρῶν. 42 And he ordered us to preach everywhere and to testify that Jesus is the one appointed by {NEQ} God to be the judge of all the living and the dead .
Acts.11:29 29τῶν δὲ μαθητῶν καθὼς εὐπορεῖτό τις, ὥρισαν ἕκαστος αὐτῶν εἰς διακονίαν πέμψαι τοῖς κατοικοῦσιν ἐν τῇ Ἰουδαίᾳ ἀδελφοῖς· 29 So the believers in Antioch decided {RPT} to send relief to the brothers and sisters  *  in {NEQ} Judea , everyone giving as much as they could .
Acts.17:26 26ἐποίησέν τε ἐξ ἑνὸς πᾶν ἔθνος ἀνθρώπων κατοικεῖν ἐπὶ παντὸς προσώπου τῆς γῆς· ὁρίσας προστεταγμένους καιρούς, καὶ τὰς ὁροθεσίας τῆς κατοικίας αὐτῶν· 26 {NEQ} From one man  *  he created all the nations throughout the whole earth . He decided beforehand when they should rise and fall , and he determined their {NEQ} boundaries .
Acts.17:31 31καθότι ἔστησεν ἡμέραν ἐν μέλλει κρίνειν τὴν οἰκουμένην ἐν δικαιοσύνῃ ἐν ἀνδρὶ ὥρισεν, πίστιν παρασχὼν πᾶσιν ἀναστήσας αὐτὸν ἐκ νεκρῶν. 31 For he has set a day for {RPT} judging the world with justice by the man {RPT} he has appointed , and he proved to everyone who this is by raising him from the dead .
Rom.1:4 4τοῦ ὁρισθέντος υἱοῦ θεοῦ ἐν δυνάμει κατὰ πνεῦμα ἁγιωσύνης ἐξ ἀναστάσεως νεκρῶν, Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ τοῦ κυρίου ἡμῶν· 4 and he was shown to be  *  the Son of God when he was raised from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit .  *  He is Jesus Christ our {NEQ} Lord .
Heb.4:7 7πάλιν τινὰ ὁρίζει ἡμέραν, σήμερον· ἐν Δαυεὶδ λέγων μετὰ τοσοῦτον χρόνον καθὼς προείρηται, Σήμερον ἐὰν τῆς φωνῆς αὐτοῦ ἀκούσητε, μὴ σκληρύνητε τὰς καρδίας ὑμῶν· 7 So God set another time for entering his rest , and that time is today . God announced this through David much later in the words already quoted : Today when you hear his {NEQ} voice , don’t harden your {NEQ} hearts .  *