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πλουτέω (plouteo, 4147)


[is] being rich, became rich, being rich, have become wealthy, having become rich, may become rich, rich [ones], to be rich, you became rich, you may be rich

Greek-English Concordance: 12 verses

  Greek (NLG) English (NLT)
Luke.1:53 53πεινῶντας ἐνέπλησεν ἀγαθῶν καὶ πλουτοῦντας ἐξαπέστειλεν κενούς. 53 He has filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away with empty hands .
Luke.12:21 21οὕτως, θησαυρίζων ἑαυτῷ καὶ μὴ εἰς θεὸν πλουτῶν. 21 Yes , a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God .
Rom.10:12 12οὐ γάρ ἐστιν διαστολὴ Ἰουδαίου τε καὶ ̔Έλληνος· γὰρ αὐτὸς κύριος πάντων, πλουτῶν εἰς πάντας τοὺς ἐπικαλουμένους αὐτόν· 12 {NEQ} Jew and Gentile {NEQ}  *  are the same in this respect . {NEQ} They have the same Lord , who gives generously to all who call on him .
1Cor.4:8 8ἤδη κεκορεσμένοι ἐστέ. ἤδη ἐπλουτήσατε. χωρὶς ἡμῶν ἐβασιλεύσατε. καὶ ὄφελόν γε ἐβασιλεύσατε, ἵνα καὶ ἡμεῖς ὑμῖν συμβασιλεύσωμεν. 8 You think you already have everything you need . You think you are already rich . You have begun to reign in God’s kingdom without us ! {NEQ} I wish you really were reigning already , for then we would be reigning with you .
2Cor.8:9 9γινώσκετε γὰρ τὴν χάριν τοῦ κυρίου ἡμῶν Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ· ὅτι δι᾽ ὑμᾶς ἐπτώχευσεν, πλούσιος ὤν, ἵνα ὑμεῖς τῇ ἐκείνου πτωχείᾳ πλουτήσητε. 9 You know the {NEQ} generous grace of our {NEQ} Lord Jesus Christ . Though he was rich , yet for your sakes he became poor , so that by his {NEQ} poverty he could make you rich .
1Tim.6:9 9οἱ δὲ βουλόμενοι πλουτεῖν ἐμπίπτουσιν εἰς πειρασμὸν καὶ παγίδα καὶ ἐπιθυμίας πολλὰς ἀνοήτους καὶ βλαβερὰς αἵτινες βυθίζουσι τοὺς ἀνθρώπους εἰς ὄλεθρον καὶ ἀπώλειαν. 9 But people who long to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by {NEQ} many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction .
1Tim.6:18 18ἀγαθοεργεῖν, πλουτεῖν ἐν ἔργοις καλοῖς εὐμεταδότους εἶναι, κοινωνικούς· 18 Tell them to use their money to do good . They should be rich in good works and generous {NEQ} to those in need , always being ready to share with others .
Rev.3:17 17ὅτι λέγεις ὅτι, Πλούσιός εἰμι καὶ πεπλούτηκα· καὶ οὐδὲν χρείαν ἔχω. καὶ οὐκ οἶδας ὅτι σὺ εἶ ταλαίπωρος καὶ ἐλεεινὸς καὶ πτωχὸς καὶ τυφλὸς καὶ γυμνός. 17 {NEQ} You say , I am rich . {NEQ} I have everything I want . {NEQ} I don’t need a thing ! And you don’t realize that you are {NEQ} wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked .
Rev.3:18 18συμβουλεύω σοι ἀγοράσαι παρ᾽ ἐμοῦ χρυσίον— πεπυρωμένον ἐκ πυρός· ἵνα πλουτήσῃς. καὶ ἱμάτια λευκὰ ἵνα περιβάλῃ καὶ μὴ φανερωθῇ αἰσχύνη τῆς γυμνότητός σου· καὶ κολλούριον ἐγχρῖσαι τοὺς ὀφθαλμούς σου ἵνα βλέπῃς. 18 So I advise you to buy gold from me gold that has been purified by fire . Then you will be rich . Also buy white garments from me so {RPT} you will not be shamed by your {NEQ} nakedness , and ointment for your {NEQ} eyes so you will be able to see .
Rev.18:3 3ὅτι ἐκ τοῦ οἴνου τοῦ θυμοῦ τῆς πορνείας αὐτῆς πέπτωκαν πάντα τὰ ἔθνη· καὶ οἱ βασιλεῖς τῆς γῆς μετ᾽ αὐτῆς ἐπόρνευσαν· καὶ οἱ ἔμποροι τῆς γῆς ἐκ τῆς δυνάμεως τοῦ στρήνους αὐτῆς ἐπλούτησαν. 3 For all the nations have fallen because of the wine of her {NEQ} passionate {NEQ} immorality . {NEQ} The kings of the world have committed adultery with her . Because of her desires for {NEQ} extravagant luxury , {NEQ} the merchants of the world have grown rich .
Rev.18:15 15οἱ ἔμποροι τούτων οἱ πλουτήσαντες ἀπ᾽ αὐτῆς ἀπὸ μακρόθεν στήσονται, διὰ τὸν φόβον τοῦ βασανισμοῦ αὐτῆς· κλαίοντες καὶ πενθοῦντες, 15 The merchants who became wealthy by selling her these things will stand at a distance , terrified by her {NEQ} great torment . They will weep and cry out ,
Rev.18:19 19καὶ ἔβαλον χοῦν ἐπὶ τὰς κεφαλὰς αὐτῶν καὶ ἔκραξαν κλαίοντες καὶ πενθοῦντες· λέγοντες, Οὐαί, οὐαὶ πόλις μεγάλη· ἐν ἐπλούτησαν πάντες οἱ ἔχοντες τὰ πλοῖα ἐν τῇ θαλάσσῃ ἐκ τῆς τιμιότητος αὐτῆς· ὅτι μιᾷ ὥρᾳ ἠρημώθη. 19 And they will weep and throw dust on their {NEQ} heads to show their grief . And they will cry out , How terrible , how terrible for that {RPT} great city ! The shipowners became wealthy by {RPT} transporting her great wealth on the seas . {NEQ} In a single moment it is all gone .