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προσαναπληρόω (prosanapleroo, 4322)


filling up, made up

Greek-English Concordance: 2 verses

  Greek (NLG) English (NLT)
2Cor.9:12 12ὅτι διακονία τῆς λειτουργίας ταύτης— οὐ μόνον ἐστὶν προσαναπληροῦσα τὰ ὑστερήματα τῶν ἁγίων, ἀλλὰ καὶ περισσεύουσα διὰ πολλῶν εὐχαριστιῶν τῷ θεῷ. 12 So two good things will result from {NEQ} {NEQ} this {NEQ} ministry of {NEQ} giving the needs of the believers in Jerusalem will be met , {NEQ} and they will joyfully express their thanks to {NEQ} God .
2Cor.11:9 9καὶ παρὼν πρὸς ὑμᾶς καὶ ὑστερηθείς, οὐ κατενάρκησα οὐθενός· τὸ γὰρ ὑστέρημά μου προσανεπλήρωσαν οἱ ἀδελφοὶ ἐλθόντες ἀπὸ Μακεδονίας· καὶ ἐν παντὶ ἀβαρῆ ἐμαυτὸν ὑμῖν ἐτήρησα, καὶ τηρήσω. 9 And when I was with you and didn’t have enough to live on , I did not become a financial burden to anyone . For the brothers who came from Macedonia {NEQ} brought me all that I needed . I have never been a burden to you , and I never will be .